La Calabaza Que No Daba Miedo (The Un-Scary Pumpkin), Spanish Version E-Book by Kimberly LeClaire, Illustrated by Jessica Dugan - PDF File

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The Un-Scary Pumpkin, (La Calabaza Que No Daba Miedo) Spanish Version E-Book by Kimberly LeClaire, Illustrated by Jessica Dugan - PDF File

Halloween no está hecho para ser un día miedoso. Al menos eso es lo que piensa Toby. Sigue la aventura de Toby, la Calabaza que No Daba Miedo, mientras trata de hacer que Halloween sea un día lleno de risas y diversión. ¿Tendrá éxito o se cumplirá el deseo de su hermano espantoso Herbert y convertirá a todas las calabazas en el valle a calabazas espantosas? Anima a Toby y disfrutarás de las fotos coloridas y esta conmovedora historia por muchos años. (18 páginas)

Halloween isn't meant to be scary. At least that is what Toby thinks. Follow along with the journey of Toby, The Un-Scary Pumpkin as he tries to make Halloween full of laughter and giggles. Will Toby succeed or will his scary brother Herbert get his wish and turn all the pumpkins in the valley to scary Jack-O'-Lanterns. Root for Toby and you will enjoy the colorful pictures and heartwarming story for years to come. (18 Pages)

My picture books are meant for the early readers and are not very long in length. Please let me know if your readers have enjoyed the story as it will give me direction for which ways to write in the future.

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This is the Spanish version of this story. There is also an English version on my site as well.

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