Red Lightning Series - print from original LeClaire acrylic liquid dirty fluid pour painting - new abstract marble art black and white


A print of an acrylic pour painting I did. This is the original painting that was red with black and gray. I manipulated the image in Photoshop to make different variations but red was the original pour. I have quite a few color options of this print and I did it in a 3 panel display and it looked amazing.

This is an unframed image but I have shown it in a 3 panel display. You can mix and match any of my 3 colors to do this type of a wall display.

The names will not print on the image.

Frame is not included it is only there to show what it could look like if it was framed. The framing is not necessarily the size of the item it is only shown for visual purposes.
The files provided will not have the watermark on them.

The image will be printed on photo quality paper using a professional grade printer.

Larger sizes are available. Send me a message for a link to a larger order. Specify the type and size you want and I will create an order for you to purchase. Prices include shipping.

Poster with a 1” border on all sides:

18x22 $37.00

24x34 $65.00

24x36 $68.00

Metallic Paper with a ½ inch border on all sides:

18x24 $63.00

24x36 $102.00

24x30 $89.00

Hahnemule Photo Rag with a ½” border on all sides:

18x24 $76.00

24x30 $111

40x30 $184.00

Metal Print – Low Glare Free Floating with Hangar

24x36 $250.00

Contact me about different sizes or if you would like it on a different surface than what is listed.

Thank you for your interest in my store.

You are purchasing a copy of an original work of art but as the artist I still retain the copyright for future prints.

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