Que hay en a Bolsa?, Historia de Tres Amigos Spanish (Anti-Drug/Strangers) Kids PDF E-Book by Kimberly LeClaire Illustrated by Jessica Dugan

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What's in the Bag? A Tale of 3 Friends Spanish Anti-Drug/Strangers Kids E-Book by Kimberly LeClaire, Illustrated by Jessica Dugan - PDF File

Enseñe a sus hijos sobre los peligros de encontrar agujas usadas. Leyéndoles esta historia que esta bellamente ilustrada de 3 amigos y lo que encuentran en una bolsa en el parque. Vaya a lo largo de su búsqueda de localizar a alguien para que los ayude en su situación. ¿Descubriran lo que esta en la bolsa?

Está historia está basada en un hecho real, pero la especie de los sujetos ha sido cambiada para proteger a los innocentes. Por favor use esta historia para ilustrar los peligros que los niños corren al encontrar agujas usadas. En el mundo de hoy no es raro encontrar una aguja en un parque o detrás de un bote de basura. Tocarlos puede ser muy peligroso para los niños, y ellos tienen que entender que hacerlo podria enfermarlos seriamente. Siempre es mas seguro buscar a un adulto para que se desaga seguramente de la aguja usada. Esta historia le ayudara a iniciar un dialogo con sus hijos para delinear que hacer si alguna vez encuentran una aguja usada, cuando estan solos. Espero que disfruten de la historia, asi como las 26 paginas bellamente ilustradas en este libro de 34 paginas.

Teach your children about the dangers of finding used needles by reading them this beautifully illustrated story of 3 friends and what they find in a bag in the park. Go along on their quest as they locate someone to help them with their situation. Will they find out what is in the bag? This story is a based on an actual event, but the species of the subjects have been changed to protect the innocent. Please use this story to illustrate the dangers of a child finding a used needle. In today’s world it in not uncommon to find a needle in a park or behind a dumpster. Touching them can be very dangerous to the child and they need to understand that doing so could make them very sick. It is always safer to find an adult to safely dispose of the used needle. This story will help you start a dialog with a child to outline what to do if they ever find a used needle when they are alone. I hope you enjoy the story as well as the 26 beautifully illustrated pages in this 34 page book.

My picture books are meant for the early readers and young children. I hope my story allows you to have a dialog with your readers to go over the dangers of being out alone and who is really a stranger. Use this story as a stepping stone to go over your wishes of how you want them to go to an adult if they need help, and how to avoid the scary situations from the beginning.

Please let me know if your readers have enjoyed the story as it will give me direction for which ways to write in the future.

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This is the Spanish version of this story. There is also an English version on my site as well.

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