El Espantoso y Gran Bote de Timmy, Spanish (Strangers) Kids E-Book written by Kimberly LeClaire, Illustrated by Jessica Dugan - PDF File

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El Espantoso y Gran Bote de Timmy Timmy's Big Scary Bounce, Spanish (Strangers) Kids E-Book written by Kimberly LeClaire, Illustrated by Jessica Dugan - PDF File

A Timmy le encantaba botar. Botaba subiendo las escaleras. Botaba bajando las escaleras. Botaba desde lo alto de las escaleras. Una vez, hasta botó en la barandilla de las escaleras. A Timmy le encantaba botar. Timmy es una pelota y las pelotas están hechas para botar. Cuando mandan a Timmy a jugar fuera, bota demasiado lejos. Bota demasiado alto y rápido y sale volando por encima de la cerca. Aterriza en el patio del vecino frente al enemigo de una pelota, un perro. Por poco se escapa, pero ahora está rodando sin control y está perdido. Sigue a Timmy en su aventura mientras bota y rueda por la ciudad. Enseñe a sus hijos acerca de los peligros de extraños cuando Timmy se encuentra con unas pelotas descuidadas en un callejón. Anímalo mientras encuentra su camino a casa y a los brazos de su querida madre.

Timmy loved to bounce. He bounced up the stairs. He bounced down the stairs. He bounced off the stairs. Once he even bounced on the railings for the stairs. Timmy loved to bounce. Timmy is a ball and balls are meant to bounce. When Timmy is sent outside to play he takes his bouncing too far. He bounces too high and too fast and sails right over the fence. He lands in the neighbor’s yard looking at the enemy of a ball, a dog. Timmy barely escapes but now he is rolling out of control and he is lost. Follow along on Timmy’s adventure as he bounces and rolls around town. Teach your children about the dangers of strangers as Timmy encounters some scruffy balls in an alley. Cheer him on as he finds his way home and into the loving arms of his mother. 51 Pages.

My picture books are meant for the early readers and young children. I hope my story allows you to have a dialog with your readers to go over the dangers of being out alone and who is really a stranger. Use this story as a stepping stone to go over your wishes of how you want them to go to an adult if they need help, and how to avoid the scary situations from the beginning.

Please let me know if your readers have enjoyed the story as it will give me direction for which ways to write in the future.

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This is the Spanish version of this story. There is also an English version on my site as well.

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