12x16 "Broken" pastel painting box frame Yellowstone bare branches hand painted fallen tree forest national park pine logs hiking exploring

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A fallen tree in Yellowstone, photo credit to https://pmp-art.com/brenda-stolwyk/gallery/193966/https://pmp-art.com/brenda-stolwyk/gallery/193966/image#cm1447048

I found the image very compelling and challenging to paint. It is painted on a box frame and the image goes all the way to the edge. Some of the branches are starting to meld with the ground and others are still above the dirt until it is their time to return to the soil. It is sad to see the death of a tree but its nutrients will feed the soil for another to grow in its place. The circle of life for a forest.

The sides of the box frame are not painted, they are the bare wood. This type of a piece would be placed in a frame so you would not see the sides. It does not include a frame. You will want to frame it behind non glare glass to protect the pastel. Do not touch the surface of the painting as it has not been sprayed with a fixative. You will also want to avoid placing it in direct sunlight to ensure it does not fade over time.

Since this is a one-of-a-kind painting it will not be able to be reproduced in exactly the same way, but similar paintings may be made by me in the future.

You are purchasing the original work of art but as the artist I still retain the copyright for future prints. Prints of this work are currently available.

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