16x20 Standing Guard large original pastel one of a kind hand painted 3 large pine trees seagulls beaches not a print blue turquoise water

$120.00 $160.00

Standing Guard

3 large pine trees stand guard and protect the coast from any invaders. The water is the color of turquoise and the sky is tinting to pink as the day is coming to an end. The trees will soon be on night duty and they watch over the jagged coastline and the small nearby island.

There is no frame included. It is only shown so you can see what it would look like framed. It has been done on acid free pastel paper. The painting is done all the way to the edge. Try not to touch the painting directly as it will smear. It has NOT been sprayed with a fixative. You will want to frame it behind glass and keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

This is an original work of art, and no two pastels will be exactly alike.

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You are purchasing the original work of art but as the artist I still retain the copyright for future prints.

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